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Do you remember the times... [entries|friends|calendar]
Mrs. Adam Lazzara

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(1# Wishful Thinkers)

Stuff. [17 Oct 2004|01:49pm]
[ mood | Today is Sunday and that sucks ]

Yes, I do go out with Ian Downs now. :) 10/14/04, babe!

WWMS soccer 7-0
I have 7 goals!
We are fucking great.

I will update later.


(4# Wishful Thinkers)

fhdfdsaghsa [09 Oct 2004|02:54pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Its been a while since I last updated. Been busy! Anyways, I got braces, and I broke up with Jake. We're still friends, and yeah I guess I miss him a little, but it was really hard to see him and everything.

WWMS Soccer Girls: 6-0 baby!
I have 5 season goals...not bad.
#6 all the way!
Good times<3I love you girls
WWMS Soccer guys: You all are awesome!

Im babysitting tonight for my cousins. Ill try and go online at their house :)


Whoaaaa I dont needa put like "initials <3" anymore. Haha yea sorry Im a weird-o.

(Wishful Thinkers)

First update in a while! [25 Sep 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Havent written in a long time- been pretty busy!

Soo WWMS Soccer girls, we're the shit this year so far! 2 - 0 baby! Keep that up!

Yesterday I went to the fair with soo many people! It was pretty much Me, Katie, Loli, Nikki, Ryss, Corey, Bud, Neil, Brendan, Will, Will Malave, Stephen, Noah, Kosty, Tay, Analisa and so many more people! It was really fun! :) lol OMG! Bud got me to go on this ride, and it goes upside down, and I survived it! haha yes Im good! lol. It was fun tho! Im usually not into rides like that, but I had mucho fun! :) hah. So then after the fair I went and slept over Loli's with katie! We got tired early! We watched a lot of the Surreal Life (Flava Flaaaav!) then talked, then fell asleep. In the morning we all shoved pillows in our asses and thighs and walked around acting "gangster" or w/e lol it was hilarious! then we had these poke fights, and, well i cant really explain it in here. lol its kinda hard to explain but we cracked up for the longest time! fun!

well, and me and jake are having problems. i dont knowwww its so weird-o.

oh yes and at the fair yesterday i met john :) and that was cool. but we didnt talk for long.. oh well, i guess. even though i wouldve liked to have talked to him longer because we literally never get to see eachother. its all good, though. <33

im out!

xoxo Liv!

jl<3 (?)

(2# Wishful Thinkers)

I havent updated in a while [09 Sep 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | okay ]

The TBS tickets came in today!! Ohh yeah! I cant wait! Nov. 20th.. haha!

Yeah so the first day of school was last Thursday- it's all good so far. I really hope it stays like that. I met Analisa, an awesome girl from California! She's soo cool.

I played WWMS soccer last year and Im tryin out again this year. Monday are the tryouts!

Just lettin all you 7th graders know that you BETTER not bring any un needed drama. I dont do drama.

(3# Wishful Thinkers)

Stuffff [31 Aug 2004|01:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hmm I dont know what to say. I want new shoes for school and I want the all white Etnies bc theyre cute. Then I went to Journeys where I saw them and they werent even there! Ughh and I asked the guy and he was like "Umm no we dont have them anymore" and then I knocked a shoe off a shelf and he was like "Omg The DVS's!" And I was like "Whatever" and walked out. lol it was kinda funny. My mom said I have a temper. I wonder where I get it from? Umm HER! Her Sicilian self.. lol

Well today Im going out again to find those shoes. Im determined. And this time I wont knock a shoe off the shelf. Lol

xoxo. Liv


Oh yeah and Im sick by the way.

(1# Wishful Thinkers)

So Scream Louder Now.. [28 Aug 2004|09:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Alright so today Noah came over and we swam and hung out. It was fun..lol then Katie came over and we swam more and played keep away in the pool lol and that was fun too! Wow im a loser. Haha Then we just chilled and all that good stuff.

When Noah left, me and Katie went to our neighbor's party, the wholeeee neighborhood was there, except Nick and Ty, and I could see why they didnt come, lol it was infested with little kids. Lol. So me and Katie went to Nick and Ty's house and hung out over there for a while. And that was fun! lol

Then I came home and here I am. Bored, as always. lol

Soo tomorrow my sister is having her family party for her 10 yr old bday. Woot. lol that should be okay

xoxo. Liv


(Wishful Thinkers)

Nothing really! [28 Aug 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | chipper ]

ALright so right now my sister Ava who's 10 has like 6 friends over and theyre crazy as hell! lol So Noah's comin over I think and we're just gunna swim and chill and whatever. Soo thats cool.

Anyways, I dont know what else to say. So Ill update later when shit actually happens! Haha

xoxo. Liv


TBS...I still cant wait.

Adam's got this silly way
Of keepin me on the edge of my seat ;-)

Yeahh Im good lol

(4# Wishful Thinkers)

Beach and stuff [27 Aug 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay soo today I went to the beach with Marisa and her fam and Kellsie and her fam and my fam. It was pretty fun! lol we saw Stacey and Bobby and their cousin Kate there. It was really cool because I havent seen Bobby in a long time. We took a REAL long walk all the way down and it was like 2 miles I swear! lol

Anyways so me, Ryss and Kels met two new guys Nick and Rob and they were real cool. Then Ryss left and me and Kels talked to the guys more and they were from Mass. and were real cool.

Anyways.. Im tired. And on the phone with Noah, so I gotta go. Bye<3

xoxo. Liv


(Wishful Thinkers)

It's the days I cant take [26 Aug 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yesterday was awesome!

Okay.. first off- Katie's party thingy! It was wicked fun! Spendin the day with the Posse and Tay! I love them! Hmm Spin the Remote! Lmao you all are crazy and so much fun to be with! Jail Break.. omg fun! Lol it was hilarious! Someone (I think Noah) threw a little hello kitty hand fan into the pool and Katie was all tryin to get it out with the skimmer thing haha and it sank! lmao I have pics! Haha theyll be on my webshots! Wicked good times! Me and Marisa's lesbian action! Lmao funny stuff! Love you all SO much! <3

Then after that.. me and Katie slept over Marisa's house and it was soo fun and funny! haha. I was jumping around in my sleeping bag and yelling "Im a slinkie!" and Katie jumps up and is like "Look I can do it too!" And Ryss is just sittin there staring at us like "what retards!" haha. Omggg fun! "Theyre just mad because they cant see Lil Flip flop or whoever!" Lmao nice Katie! Then I was acting like a can of Spam (dont ask) and Katie was being Cheez Whiz (again, dont ask) haha soo funny! My line- You spam ass cheese whiz head. haha and for the third time, just dont ask. lol Yeah so then when we settled down we just talked for like hours about guy issues, friends and stuff and it was great! We always end up talking about guys for like hours lol and we also talked about the concert because we cant fucking wait! lol I wonder what guys talk about at sleepovers...

xoxo. Liv


(Wishful Thinkers)

Taking Back Sunday and good friends = crazy shit! [25 Aug 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I forgot- I have to start the "Taking Back Sunday November 20th Concert Countdown" Haha

Here we gooo: 2months and 26days

Damn it.. I cant wait! It's gunna be wicked crazy and fun! So far I think the people are... Ryssie, Me, Katie, Noah and Tay. Buy tickets people! Theyre only like $17.50! Damn all of you that would pass up a TBS concert! Jeez! lol Wow I cant wait! haha Im a dork, I know. But TBS is my favorite band, what am I supposed to say..."Oh I hate this! I get to see my favorite band!" Umm no. lol anyways you get the point. Im out! Pce<3

Going to Katie's later with the posse and some other people! That should be fun. I love the Posse!

xoxo. Liv


(Wishful Thinkers)

There was no one but you and me... [25 Aug 2004|10:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well it's wicked early and I woke up at 9:30. Im tired. Anyways- Dp decides to call me at 9:50, even thought I told him it was way to early! haha Danio! lol. Anyways I think Im gunna be partying at Katie's today. Hahaaa but seriously. Lol. Soo Im out, and Ill update later!

xoxo. Liv


(Wishful Thinkers)

New journal! [24 Aug 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Thanks to Samantha Sweeney for this new layout/journal! haha thanks Sam<3 Anyways.. today I didnt really do anything and I was bored. Except for when I found out Id be going to the Taking Back Sunday concert in November! Im soo freakin excited! Moshpits and everyyyyything! Haha Ryss & Tay you know we're gunna get in those! And Katie you know we need some new sexy shirts! Lol you girls are the best and I love you! Nikki- "Yeah my mom spent 200 on me today.. until I found out 150 of it was mine!" lmao that was so funny! I love you! Well... Im home alone tomorrow, just chillin, so if you need me CALL and save me from my boredom! lol 347-2933<3 xoxo. Liv jl<3

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